Dirt 5’s online multiplayer, including Party modes, detailed

On October 22, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Hey everyone! It’s great to be back on PS Blog to talk Dirt 5 with you, as we hurtle towards the revolutionary off-road racing game’s launch on current-gen and next-gen PlayStation consoles this November. We’ve been pretty busy in recent weeks and months bringing you all manner of Dirt 5 details – from our star-studded […]


First details on Clash, a new team deathmatch mode coming to Spellbreak

On October 22, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Hey Battlemages! My name is Jesse Kurlancheek and I’m the Design Director on Spellbreak and one of the co-founders at Proletariat, the studio behind the game. Spellbreak is a competitive, free-to-play, third-person spellcasting game where you unleash powerful magic as you fight other players for survival. It’s been about six weeks since we launched and […]


Ray’s the Dead comes to life today on PS4

On October 22, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Hi there! I’m Chris Cobb from Ragtag Studio. The day we thought would never come has finally arrived: our new game Ray’s the Dead has finally come to life, releasing on PS4 today! This game may be familiar to some of you since the game was originally announced seven years ago on PlayStation’s E3 stage, […]


The makings of a collection: Mutazione’s seed box

On October 22, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

I’m Buddy Sola, Community Manager at Akupara Games, delighted to be back to give you more news about Mutazione! Earlier this year, I wrote a blog all about the Garden Mode update that brought Garden Mode to the game – a standalone Cloud Garden where you can play with the magical musical gardening mechanic with […]


Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate – Rambo gameplay reveal

On October 22, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Fellow Fighters, at long last, Rambo joins fellow 1980s action movie icons RoboCop and the Terminator as part of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate and Kombat Pack 2. We at NetherRealm Studios couldn’t be more excited about Rambo joining the fight. Drawing inspiration from the first three films in the Rambo series – First Blood, Rambo: […]


Deep dive on Puyo Puyo Tetris 2’s new Skill Battle mode

On October 21, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Hello there, everyone! As you may have already heard, we are excited to be releasing Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 8, so it’s just about that time to mentally prepare yourself for the fun battles that lie ahead – specifically, Skill Battle, a new mode of play […]


Experience the entire Outbreak retro survival horror series on PS4

On October 21, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Hey survivors! I’m Evan, founder of Dead Drop Studios, solo indie developer, and creator of the Outbreak series. I’m back to announce that the entire series will be available on PS4 tomorrow with the release of Outbreak, to talk a bit about game development, and to tease some glimpses of the future of survival horror! […]


Details on new voice chat functionality coming to PS5

On October 16, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Hi everyone. I’m Catherine Jensen, and I head up the Global Consumer Experience division here at PlayStation. Our department works every day to create the best possible gaming experience for our community on PlayStation Network. We also manage the @AskPlayStation customer support channel and create troubleshooting guides to help gamers find solutions. Our goal is […]


Share of the Week: Genshin Impact

On October 16, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Last week, we challenged you to share moments from your favorite games that largely feature one color using #PS4share and #PSBlog. From gloomy green portraits to sandy landscapes, here are this week’s colorful highlights: The Traveler gazes out at an ocean view in this share by CausticJR. Mona weaves some magic in this share by […]


7 essential gameplay tips for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, out today

On October 16, 2020, in PlayStation 4, by

Welcome warriors. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, Sucker Punch’s new cooperative multiplayer mode for its superlative samurai epic launches today as part of the game’s Version 1.1 update. Standing separate from the single player story, this online-only* experience sees you play one of four legendary warriors. Build your legend and unlock new class-specific abilities, gear, and […]


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