PS4 Repair Services

Professional PlayStation 4 Repairs

PS4 Repair Services

Searching for PS4 repair services? At, we specialize in repairing broken PlayStation 4 game consoles. To Repair Your console download this shipping form. Shipping Form Download

Our New Jersey PlayStation 4 repair services include:

  • Red blinking light fix
  • No power to console repairs
  • No PS4 video fix
  • Overheating PS4 repairs
  • Broken hard drive repair
  • Noisy hard drive repair
  • Broken HDMI ports
  • Red screen fix
  • Cracked PlayStation Case Fix
  • Fixing PS4′s that do not read games
  • PS4 Games that are stuck
  • Other PS4 problems
  • Playstation Pro Repair

Fix Your Broken PlayStation 4

ps4-repair-servicesFirst, fill out our PS4 repair request form. One of our technicians will contact you with a quote and estimated time of your PlayStation 4 repair.

You can choose to mail your unit in for repair or schedule a priority walk-in appointment at one of our local PS4 repair shops. (appointment scheduler and shipping address can be found on our contact us page or your confirmation email)

At Game City you will not only get a great price on your PS4 repair, but you’ll also get great customer service.

Call (201) 839-5914 or request a quote online.

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PlayStation Repair Services

  • PS4 Hard Drive repair
  • PS4 Disc Drive repair
  • PS4 Outer Case repair
  • PS4 Motherboard repair
  • PS4 Controller repair
  • Complete Diagnostics

Why Choose Us?

  • 3-5 Business Days
  • Flat Rate PS4 Repair Pricing
  • FREE Return Shipping
  • Experienced PS4 Technicians
  • 60 Day Warranty
  • Nationwide PS4 Repair Services